Empowering medical professionals through immersive digital surgical training and collaboration

Our company offers a telepresence communication solution that enables medical practitioners located in different parts of the world to participate in a virtual medical platform as if they were in the same room or location.

Revolutionizing Medical Collaboration

Our 3D Photorealistic Telepresence Platform connects medical practitioners worldwide, utilizing Extended Reality and Digital Twin technologies.

Remote Medical Care

Our XR immersive technology can enhance access to quality medical care for individuals in remote areas or those unable to visit a physical clinic, by facilitating consultations with medical professionals and enabling treatment delivery from the comfort of their homes.

Enhanced Collaboration

Leveraging our XR immersive technology, medical professionals, researchers, and patients worldwide can seamlessly collaborate and exchange insights, ultimately driving improved healthcare outcomes.

Realistic Simulations

Utilizing our haptic-enhanced immersive simulations, medical professionals can experience true-to-life scenarios for various medical procedures, enabling them to refine their skills safely and efficiently within a controlled environment.

Experience Immersive Medical Training

Immerse yourself in a realistic physical environment, enabled by our platform's advanced haptic, dynamic digital, and hand motion tracking technology. This cutting-edge system allows for lifelike interactions, offering a truly hands-on experience.

Democratizing access to quality healthcare, empowering individuals worldwide with exceptional medical services


Innovative Problem Solving: Our Unique Approach to Delivering Solutions

Real-time communication

Our platform facilitates seamless interaction and collaboration in real-time, expediting decision-making and problem-solving processes.

Hands-On Experience

Experience immersive interactivity with advanced haptic technology, enabling users to feel and engage with digital objects realistically.

Digital twin

Our platform delivers an accurate representation of the physical environment, complete with objects and their interactions, fostering collaboration within a virtual space that closely mirrors reality.

Scalable collaboration

Veyond Connect is engineered for extensive collaboration, supporting real-time engagement with multiple participants from diverse locations.


Overcoming distance limitations, our platform allows remote participants to be virtually present, enabling seamless collaboration and interaction, irrespective of physical location.

Unite healthcare professionals globally to enhance healthcare outcomes

Strengthening Medical Collaboration: Secure Information Sharing for Improved Patient Outcomes

Medical institutions

Medical institutions, including hospitals and clinics, can securely share patient data with other healthcare providers, such as primary care physicians and specialists, using the platform. Additionally, the platform facilitates collaboration on patient care, research projects, and best practices among medical professionals.


The platform enables surgeons to securely exchange patient data and collaborate with other surgeons and healthcare professionals. Surgeons can also track patient outcomes, monitor the performance of medical devices during surgical procedures, and contribute to knowledge-sharing within the medical community.

Medical Device Companies

Medical device companies can leverage the platform to securely monitor the performance of their devices, gather usage data, and provide timely support and updates to healthcare providers. Furthermore, the platform encourages collaboration with medical professionals on research, development, and innovation projects for enhanced patient care.